"Hey Debra - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I was with the school pictures that Point in Time took of our children. I was one of the parents who complained when you guys took them away last spring. It's fair to say that you guys hit a home run with the individual pictures this fall. Great job!!! Can't wait to have them do them again."
-Suzuki School Parent

"GORGEOUS pictures! I'm going to be smiling all day!"
-Program Coordinator -Central Presbyterian Church

"I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of the photos. Arden’s pictures are absolutely beautiful, and I just couldn’t be any happier."
-Suzuki BH

I am a Suzuki Northside Parent….my daughter Edith Horner had her pictures taken by you all a few weeks ago. First, please let me say….these portraits are AMAZING!!!! I was shocked at how fabulous they were when I open-end them up tonight That being said….the day I brought my daughter to school (it was a Monday) I completely forgot that pictures were going to be taken for her class. She was wearing a super hero t-shirt….had I known how fabulous the pictures were going to be I would have done home and made her change her clothes! Are you all going to be back at Suzuki Northside at any point?

Just thought I would ask. Either way, the pictures are incredible. So excited Suzuki is using you all!!!!

Thank you!"
-Primary III Suzuki NS

"We want to thank Sean McGlincy very much for making a special effort to come by our house and deliver the pictures we ordered in time to insure we got them before Christmas. It was totally unexpected and represents extraordinary customer service. We were overwhelmed. Merry Christmas!"
-Mark from Central Presbyterian

"We loved the pictures of both of our children from Point in Time. Even better, we had a special order that we needed quickly, and Sean at Point in Time was very helpful and pleasant to work with. We look forward to next year’s pictures and working with Point in Time again."
-Jennifer Liotta

"Your new website looks great and your photos are truly breathtaking. You are so incredibly talented!"
-Constant Hine

"You took my son's school photo at Central Presbyterian, and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work. You have an amazing eye, and I will treasure the picture."
-Kathryn Mattuch

Hi Sean- You took pictures of my daughter Caroline DiBauda at FIO360. I saw the pictures yesterday and they were fabulous! I will definately be recommending you.
-Elizabeth D'Bauda