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Does the disk come with all the images? No, the disk only comes with the images ordered.

When can I order? Right now! Once your schools photo shoot is complete, images will be posted online for viewing. After your images are posted you can order online or with a paper order form.

My password doesn't work.
All passwords are lowercase, so make sure caps lock is off on your keyboard. If you are still experiencing difficulty, try using a different web browser or contact us.

Are these my final images?
No, these are proofs. Your order will be processed through Adobe Photoshop where it is retouched for free. We will clean up fly aways, lint, skin to make your image flawless. At this time we will crop, adjust the brightness, contrast, color, vignette or make your image black & white. Please use the text field in the order form to type in any requests.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, Pay Pal will process your credit card payments. You will be redirected to Pay Pal’s web site where you can securely use your credit card. You do not need a Pay Pal account.

Can I pick up my images at my school?
Yes, choose the pickup tab within the first two weeks. Orders are shipped by default, you must check the pick up tab if you do not want shipping.

Where do I pick up my prints?
Prints are dropped off at your school's front desk.

Can I order digital files? Your order must total $99 to include didgital files.

Are orders sent directly to the lab?
No, orders come back to us for processing and retouching. If you have any problems with your order we will catch it here.

Do you offer private sessions?
Yes, sitting fees start at $250.

How To Order